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1. Who is JD Bliss?

JD Bliss is a blog that was launched to provide resources to (i) attorneys seeking greater career satisfaction, work life balance and personal growth, and (ii) law firms seeking solutions to improve attorney retention and motivation.

The founder and editor-in-chief of JD Bliss is Joshua Fruchter. Joshua formerly worked as a bankruptcy litigator at the law firm of Kaye Scholer before embarking on a new career as an Internet entrepreneur. He currently serves as President of Envoy Messaging, Inc. - a leading provider of online marketing solutions to corporations, professional service firms and nonprofits, and eLawMarketing - a division of Envoy that provides online marketing solutions to law firms and individual attorneys. Joshua has written and spoken extensively for various bar associations and legal organizations on website development, email marketing and blogging.

Joshua also provides coaching and advisory services to individual attorneys seeking greater career satisfaction and to law firms seeking to address attorney retention and turnover problems through greater attention to work life balance issues.

You can contact Joshua through or through our Contact Page.

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2. What is the purpose of JD Bliss?

Our goal is simple and focused: to help attorneys leverage their JD degrees into satisfying careers, personal growth, and individual happiness.

Unfortunately, the statistics are grim. According to a 2002 ABA poll, only 27 percent of lawyers reported being "very satisfied" with their professional lives. At least 70 percent of lawyers surveyed would start a new career if they could, and more than half would not recommend a legal career to their children (California Lawyer magazine).

Importantly, this problem is not just an issue for the individual attorneys affected. Associate turnover at law firms is reaching epidemic proportions. According to one recent study by the NALP Foundation (which studies law firm hiring trends and practices), a whopping 37 percent of associates at big law firms (defined by the study as those employing more than 500 lawyers), quit their firms by the end of their third years of practice. The steady departure of top talent from a law firm hurts client service, and imposes higher recruiting and training costs on the firm.

At JD Bliss we believe that work life balance and career satisfaction are achievable goals for both attorneys and law firms willing to get creative.

For individual attorneys, this may simply be a matter of changing the way one practices on a day-to-day basis, switching into a different area of law more suited to one's interests and personality, or leaving law altogether for an alternative career.

For law firms, it means taking a hard look at human resource policies and firm "culture," and implementing changes and solutions that let attorneys know the firm cares about their career satisfaction and personal needs.

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3. What type of content does JD Bliss offer?

Our site is structured as a "blog" - that is, an online journal featuring dated entries that are ordered chronologically and divided into different topical segments, or "categories." You can receive regular updates on new content posted to our blog via either an email subscription or an RSS feed.

Our categories of content is constantly expanding, and includes some of the following resources:

  • Success Stories - read original case studies of attorneys who have successfully transitioned from law into alternative careers such as public relations, recruiting, marketing, and small business, or have found new and innovative ways to make the practice of law more fun and fulfilling.

  • Resources for achieving career satisfaction and success and work life balance.

  • Lighter Side of Law Ė who said lawyers canít be funny? We bring you the best jokes and other humorous antics from (or about) your fellow attorneys

  • Books - check in regularly for reviews of books and videos offering advice, inspiration and guidance to lawyers considering alternative careers and seeking methods for balancing their work and personal lives. 

  • Work Life Winners - profiles of law firms that have implemented groundbreaking, forward-thinking policies designed to promote work/life balance, or have otherwise displayed unusual sensitivity to the personal needs of their attorneys.

We hope you find the site enjoyable and useful. If inclined, feel free to send us feedback with your thoughts and comments.

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